Platform-as-Code Practice

Kubernetes Platforms

Tools and techniques to curate Kubernetes Operators and model workflows as-Code.

KubePlus catalog

Pre-built workflow automation templates

We have developed deep expertise on some of the community Operators while curating them for our customers or partners. These Operators include SSL certificate management (cert-manager), Volume backup (stash, Valero), Cassandra (Datastax, Instaclustr), MySQL database (Percona, MariaDB, PressLabs, Oracle), Pod Networking (Multus, Calico), Service Mesh (Istio), CI/CD (JenkinsX), Monitoring (Prometheus) etc. Our catalog has these curated Operators as per our guidelines for multi-Operator setups

It also includes pre-built workflow automation templates that bundle curated Operators and additional Helm charts to enable popular use cases like SaaS, CI/CD etc. 

We are updating this catalog as we continue to work with our customers and partners. 


Platform-as-Code subscription

Co-create your platform stack with our Platform-as-Code subscription



Platform-as-Code tools and techniques 

- eBook on Platform-as-Code. 

- Operator maturity model

- KubePlus API add-on for discovery and use of Custom APIs. 


Monthly subscription for purpose-built stacks

- Recommendation of Operators for your workflow.

- Curation of Operators and Helm charts.

- Codifying your platform workflows with Custom APIs. 

Augment your Kubernetes expertise with our KubePlus subscription by directly embedding our Platform-as-Code techniques within your platform engineering team. 

Your purpose-built platform stack

Kubernetes Platforms

Composed of Kubernetes Operators

A Kubernetes Operator is a Kubernetes API extension that adds Custom APIs to manage third party software like databases, key-value stores, etc. on Kubernetes. Your KubePlus Platform Stack is composed of enterprise-ready Kubernetes Operators that are required in your application workflows. 


Kubernetes Native interfaces

Platform-as-Code promotes use of Kubernetes Native interfaces like kubectl CLI and YAML definition. This enables teams to build their Kubernetes platform layers without having to learn any new interfaces. 

No new CLI

KubePlus does not introduce any new CLI. Teams use kubectl and Kubernetes YAMLs to create platforms as-Code. 

One platform experience

Our Operator guidelines and validation ensure one platform experience with uniform discovery, documentation and support across multiple extensions.

Eliminate ad-hoc scripts

Kubernetes extensions embed platform workflows as Kubernetes objects and eliminate out-of-band custom automation. 

Use cases

Kubernetes Multi-tenancy

SaaS workloads

Simplify running multi-tenant SaaS workloads on Kubernetes.

- Cloud-Native SaaS (offerings designed grounds-up for SaaS based delivery model).

- Cloud-Enabled SaaS (multi-tenant hosting of any classic install-anywhere type of software).   

Kubernetes workloads

Enterprise internal workloads

Simplify creation of micro-services architectures on Kubernetes for running enterprise internal workloads.

Examples: AI/Analytics workloads, CI/CD 

Kubernetes migration

Transformation to Cloud Native technologies

Accelerate cloud native technology adoption to support business transformation initiatives.

- Migrating legacy applications to cloud native architectures.

- Migrating containerized workloads from other orchestration engines to Kubernetes.