Platform-as-Code subscription

Recommendation & development of Kubernetes extensions / Operators

Security profiling of your extensions stack

Tooling for troubleshooting Custom APIs / Resources

Augment your Kubernetes expertise with Platform-as-Code subscription



Platform-as-Code tools and techniques 

- eBook on Platform-as-Code

- Operator maturity model for Operator validation

- KubePlus API add-on for troubleshooting


Monthly enterprise subscription 

- Access to KubePlus catalog

- Recommendation and development of Operators 

- Security profiling of multi-Operator stacks 

- Upstream representation and support

Security profiling

We offer cluster level security profiling to enterprises for multi-Operator stacks. This covers aspects like network and pod security, encryption at rest, audit log setting, internal & external reachability etc. 

Upstream representation

We are active in upstream Kubernetes and continuously collaborate with Operator authors by filing Github issues, suggestions, and feedback.

Your Kubernetes platform stack


Technology stack of your choice with Kubernetes extensions


Ensure cluster level security of your extensions stack


Get insights into your Custom API workflows

Get free recommendation of Operators for your platform stack. 

Use cases

Kubernetes Multi-tenancy

SaaS workloads

Simplify running multi-tenant SaaS workloads on Kubernetes.

- Cloud-Native SaaS (offerings designed grounds-up for SaaS based delivery model).

- Cloud-Enabled SaaS (multi-tenant hosting of any classic install-anywhere type of software).   

Kubernetes workloads

Enterprise internal workloads

Simplify creation of micro-services architectures on Kubernetes for running enterprise internal workloads.

Examples: AI/Analytics workloads, CI/CD 

Kubernetes migration

Transformation to Cloud Native technologies

Accelerate cloud native technology adoption to support business transformation initiatives.

- Migrating legacy applications to cloud native architectures.

- Migrating containerized workloads from other orchestration engines to Kubernetes.