Kubernetes Operator Maturity Model

Calibrate an Operator’s enterprise readiness for platform workflows as-Code. 

Kubernetes Operator

Operator maturity model captures wide range of Operator setups that are seen in enterprises today with the goal of calibrating an Operator’s maturity towards increasingly complex multi-Operator setups. It's focus is on interoperability between multiple Operators to enable enterprise workflows. The model is defined with 6 stages and comes with associated guidelines for each stage.

Operator certification

Through our Operator certification program our goal is to provide independent third party review of Operators for Operator authors and help enterprises with Operator evaluation.

Operator Authors

If you are a software vendor building Operator for your software, work with us to get your Operator thoroughly evaluated for multi-Operator readiness against the maturity model guidelines. We certify your Operator for the maturity level that it currently satisfies and also provide recommendations on how to achieve a particular maturity level.


We work with Operator vendors on your behalf so that you don’t have to. Available Operator listings in the community leave lot of work for you to do. This includes things such as, finding the best Operator from amongst several for your needs, or figuring out whether multiple Operators will work together or not. You can trust us to get all your Kubernetes platformization needs served.

Why CloudARK?

No Kubernetes distribution bias

We are an independent company focusing on Kubernetes extensibility to help enterprises build their custom platforms on Kubernetes. We don’t have our own Kubernetes distribution; so our Operator recommendations are not tied to any Kubernetes distribution or Cloud provider.


Our team has been one of the most active teams pushing the boundaries on Operators. We are active in upstream Kubernetes and continuously collaborate with Operator authors by filing Github issues, suggestions, and feedback.

Focus on consumability

We have been working on improving consumability of Operators and Kubernetes Custom Resources for application developers. Check out our KubePlus API Add-on and Platform-as-Code approach to get more insights.

KubePlus catalog

Pre-built workflow automation templates

We have developed deep expertise on some of the community Operators while curating them for our customers or partners. These Operators include SSL certificate management (cert-manager), Volume backup (stash, Valero), Cassandra (Datastax, Instaclustr), MySQL database (Percona, MariaDB, PressLabs, Oracle), Pod Networking (Multus, Calico), Service Mesh (Istio), CI/CD (JenkinsX), Monitoring (Prometheus) etc. Our catalog has these curated Operators as per our guidelines for multi-Operator setups

It also includes pre-built workflow automation templates that bundle curated Operators and additional Helm charts to enable popular use cases like SaaS, CI/CD etc. 

We are updating this catalog as we continue to work with our customers and partners.