Application Platforms as Code on Kubernetes

Platform as Code

Composable, Repeatable and Shareable way of creating Application Platforms on Kubernetes.

Discover Platform-as-Code

Challenges in Kubernetes based application platforms

Pre-built PaaS

Kubernetes based PaaS

Lack of control and flexibility with pre-built PaaSes that bundle pre-selected platform elements.

DIY Application Platforms

Efforts in self-assembly and lack of uniform usage experience with DIY application platforms built using community platform extensions.

Solution with Platform-as-Code

Composable, Repeatable and Shareable Application Platforms as Code

  • Compose your application platforms using Kubernetes custom resources. 
  • Repeatably create application platforms as Code with Kubernetes YAMLs. 
  • Share platform definition YAMLs among team members. 

Introducing Platform-as-Code: New Cloud Computing Model

Platform-as-Code with KubePlus

KubePlus is an open technology designed to deliver Platform as Code experience utilizing Kubernetes API extensions (aka Operators).

Kubernetes PaaS

Using KubePlus, 

  • DevOps engineer constructs a custom PaaS comprised of required Kubernetes API extensions / Operators.
  • Application developer declares and creates application platforms as code with Kubernetes YAMLs. 

Operator Developer

Best practice guidelines for Operator development and Operator packaging. 

DevOps Engineer

Extend Kubernetes without any custom automation.

Application Developer

Repeatable and shareable way of creating application platform-as-Code.

KubePlus Advantage

No new CLI to learn

KubePlus does not introduce any new CLI. Teams use kubectl and Kubernetes YAMLs to create platforms as Code. 

Uniformity between native and custom Kubernetes resources

Our Operator development guidelines are designed to ensure custom resources become first-class entities of Kubernetes. 

Eliminate out-of-band automation

Kubernetes Operators embed platform specific workflows as Kubernetes objects and eliminate out-of-band custom automation. 

Common language between Devs and Ops

KubePlus leverages kubectl for management of Operators by Ops; and their consumption by Devs, making Kubernetes YAMLs as the common language between Devs and Ops. 

What are people saying?

"I like the idea of KubePlus reducing some of the complexity and bringing consistency where it is badly needed."

- Systems Analyst and Consultant

 "KubePlus can lower the complexity in creating end to end stateful applications ready for production."

- DevOps & CI/CD team leader

"New trend: Platform-as-Code, an evolution of IaaS and PaaS that decreases vendor lock-in by implementing and adopting cloud platform dependencies in declarative way. I think companies that will specialize in delivering on-premise solutions in this space will compete in the next decade."

- Facebook post by an Enterprise Architect

"KubePlus can give me the flexibitlity to manage lifecycle events  (like post-startup db validations, replica additions to mongodb replica sets, kafka custom rebalancing etc.) at the top-level rather than lower level of docker images."

- DevOps Engineer