Save time & efforts in building your Kubernetes Platforms

Kubernetes Operator, Kubernetes CRD

Kubernetes Operators

Kubernetes API extensions (also known as Operators) extend Kubernetes API to manage third-party software as native Kubernetes objects. Operators simplify building of platform stacks and hence are getting good community traction. 

Challenges in building your Kubernetes Platforms

Navigating platform design and deployment decisions

  • Which Spark Operator should we select from the available Spark Operators in the community?
  •  What all Operators do I need in my platform stack – MySQL, Backup, ElasticSearch, CertManager, Nginx? 
  • How do I find user documentation of Operators installed on my cluster? 
  • How do I troubleshoot problems with custom resources added by Operators? 



Kubernetes Operator Aggregator designed to deliver Platform-as-Code experience


KubePlus includes 

  • Operator curation service (recommendation, enrichment, customization and development of Operators) 
  • Platform Kit (assembly, discovery, troubleshooting and management of Operators)

DevOps engineer constructs a custom PaaS using KubePlus certified Kubernetes Operators.  

Application developer declaratively creates application platform as Code in Kubernetes YAML format leveraging Kubernetes resources introduced by the Operators. 

KubePlus Advantage

No new CLI

KubePlus does not introduce any new CLI. Teams use kubectl and Kubernetes YAMLs to create platforms as Code. 

One platform experience

Our Operator guidelines and validation ensure one platform experience with uniform discovery, documentation and support across multiple Operators.

Eliminate ad-hoc scripts

Kubernetes Operators embed platform specific workflows as Kubernetes objects and eliminate out-of-band custom automation. 

Use Cases

Multi-cloud application portability

Multi-cloud application portability

Platform-as-Code provides ability to easily transfer or recreate workloads across multiple clouds.

Kubernetes Multi-tenancy

SaaS workloads

Platform-as-Code simplifies creation of multi-tenant platform stacks that leverage isolation via namespaces in SaaS workloads. 


Micro PaaSes

Platform-as-Code simplifies creation of micro-PaaSes per namespace that can be used by different teams within an organization. 

Infrastructure as Code, PaaS, Platform as Code, Kubernetes

Common language between Devs & Ops

Platform-as-Code bridges the tooling gap between Developers and DevOps Engineers with Kubernetes YAML becoming the common language.

Interested in using KubePlus?


KubePlus One-time License

  • One-time curation of required Operators for your Platform stack.
  • Can be used with any Kubernetes service or distribution.

KubePlus Support Subscription (Optional)

  • Support for the end-to-end Platform Stack including the Kubernetes cluster.

The Operators bundled in KubePlus custom PaaS include either community Operators certified as per our guidelines or custom Operators developed as per your workflow requirements. KubePlus source code (including bundled Operators) is open source.

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