Platform-as-Code with KubePlus

Kubernetes Operator, Kubernetes CRD

Kubernetes Operators

One of the key reasons for Kubernetes’s popularity is its extendibility. Kubernetes API extensions (commonly referred as Operators) extend Kubernetes API to manage third-party software as native Kubernetes objects. Number of Operators are being built for middlewares like databases, queues, loggers, etc. This has led to tremendous choice in the platform elements for building application platforms on Kubernetes. Kubernetes Operators form foundation for Platform-as-Code experience. 

KubePlus Platform Kit

KubePlus Platform Kit is designed to deliver Platform as Code experience utilizing Kubernetes Operators.

Kubernetes Operator, Kubernetes PaaS

Using KubePlus Platform Kit, 

  • DevOps engineer constructs a custom PaaS comprised of required Kubernetes Operators.
  • Application developer declares and creates application platforms as code with Kubernetes YAML. 

We bring consistency across multiple Kubernetes Operators with our Operator development guidelines

Check out how teams get Platform-as-Code experience using KubePlus. 

KubePlus Subscriptions

KubePlus PaaS Distribution

KubePlus PaaS Distribution  is a support subscription for KubePlus custom PaaS priced based on the number of required Operators with uncomplicated pricing of $100/month/Operator. KubePlus PaaS Distribution  can be used with any Kubernetes cluster hosted/managed/supported by Kubernetes vendor of your choice.

KubePlus Managed PaaS

KubePlus Managed PaaS  includes end to end support for KubePlus custom PaaS (including required Operators) along with underlying Kubernetes cluster. KubePlus Managed PaaS  can be deployed on public cloud of your choice or on-premise. 

The Operators bundled in KubePlus custom PaaS include either community Operators certified as per our guidelines or custom Operators developed as per your workflow requirements. KubePlus source code (including bundled Operators) is open source.

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Operator development guidelines

We are building common guidelines for developing Kubernetes Operators. These will help in bringing consistency when multiple Operators are used in a single Kubernetes cluster to form a custom PaaS.  

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